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Lillian Brannen's lineage (on both sides) can be traced back 5-6 generations  to Archelaus Smith on Cape Sable Island and Barrington, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Surnames include Brannen, Powell, Ross, Nickerson, Trott, Cunningham, Atkinson, Crowell, Wilson, Shaw, Hamilton, Doane, Barss and Smith. 

Archelaus Smith's pedigree can be further traced back another 5 generations to Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower.  Surnames include Smith, Brown, Snow, Mulford, Rogers, Whelden, Deane, Ring and Hopkins. 

A 4 generation pedigree chart for Lillian is shown below; the complete chart is attached to the left.

There is an Archelaus Smith Museum on Cape Sable Island which contains many genealogical records and island artifacts:
Information on the Mayflower may be found on the Mayflower Society site:

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